First dog to be fitted with four prosthetics limbs

Credit: Rick Wilking/Reuters

Naki'o is a pup that lost all four paws to frostbite when he was little. He was adopted by a veterinarian assistant and as he grew, he began having a harder time supporting his weight. So his owner, Christie Pace, started to explore different options for Naki'o:

"I have a soft spot for rescue animals in general. I was looking for something different, unique. I wanted to make more of a difference than a regular dog. I knew I could help him out."

Pace set up a fundraiser to get hind leg prosthetics for Naki'o through OrthoPets, an animal hospital that provides, "biomechanically correct orthotics and prosthetics for animals." After seeing how well the pup did with the initial fittings, OrthoPets decided to outfit Naki'o with prosthetics for his other legs free of charge. This makes Naki'o the first dog ever to get fitted with custom prosthetics for all four legs.

See images of the adorable Naki'o using his prosthetics in the gallery.

The Star, via Metro News

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