10 3D printing technologies bringing you the future of medicine

Credit: Stratasys

We love our 3D printing here at DVICE, because printing whatever objects you want whenever you want is just awesome. We loved 3D printing when it only existed in awesome sci-fi films, like The Fifth Element. We loved it when it was only a DIY kit. And we really loved it when it went mainstream.

3D printing has become a part of everything from the national gun debate to movie props and cars. 3D printing is becoming so ubiquitous that no matter what it is that you desire, you can print it for yourself. People are even going so far as to compare 3D printing favorably with the replicators of Star Trek fame. And while that might be going a bit far, 3D printing has been leaping forward in a number of astonishing ways. Yes, moon bases and bacon are pretty awesome, but they aren't what we're talking about. The real marvels of 3D printing have been in an area less expected; that is, unless you clicked through that Fifth Element link a couple paragraphs ago. We're talking medicine, and here are 10 awesome medical applications of 3D printing.

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