Microsoft advertises with free Wi-Fi hotspots

Credit: Softpedia

Advertising with technology can lead to some interesting conceptual experiments, and Microsoft’s latest print ad for Office 365 is no different. Calling it a print ad might be a bit of a misnomer, though, since there’s a whole lot more going on here than some simple ink and paper.

Microsoft will have Wi-Fi hotspots in select issues of Forbes magazine this month, along with a regular print ad. The hotspot will offer 15 days of free Internet access, which will be brought to readers by T-mobile. The small device includes a battery that allows for about three hours of continuous browsing, but it can be recharged via a micro USB cable.

It’s a nifty marketing idea, but one that might not have all that much longevity. After all, this isn’t a cheap experiment, and the number of folks who would actually even use the free Wi-Fi could potentially be pretty low, simply considering the amount of free Wi-Fi that exists publically now.

Regardless, it’s a bold new way to advertise in a time when print sales are declining. So if you need to connect and can’t seem to find a hotspot, pick up an issue of Forbes. Who knows, you might get lucky.

Engadget, via Mashable

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