Finally, a condom for your phone

Credit: Firebox

We’ve seen phone cases that mimic condoms before, and we’ve even called them out on doing so. But the fine folks over at Firebox have finally taken away the need for our snarky jokes about covers being like condoms, as the company has finally released the Smartskin Condom for Smartphones.

For the strange-looking price of $18.59, you too can own three stretchy thermoplastic covers that fit snugly and almost invisibly onto a Samsung Galaxy S III or an iPhone 4/4S/5. You’ll barely be aware it’s there, what with retention of full smartphone capability and 98 percent camera clarity. It works simply enough: slip it over the phone and use the sealing tabs to, you guessed it, seal it on up.

Then you can take it out in the rain, bury it in sand and do all kinds of destructive things to it without worrying. And you get to do so with a hip new product which is marketed with phrases like “You never know when you’ll get lucky… enough to take your phone to the beach, or on a boat, or cycling in the rain, or driving a rally car, or riding a camel in the desert” and “You’ll never have to say no to an unexpected bit of excitement again.”

It’s the little things in life, y’all.

Firebox, via Mashable

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