The best new way to pee!

Credit: Faltazi

Oddly, as I write this, I’m about to leave for a music festival. The one thing I’ve been worrying about is trying to find the most eco-friendly way to dispose of my urine at said festival. If only L’Uritonnoir were in America!

Created by French design studio Faltazi, L’Uritonnoir is a revolution in male-urine-disposal systems. A urinal for the 21st century, if there ever was one. Essentially, it’s a number of urinals attached to a bale of straw. As the bale amasses urine, the urine’s nitrogen begins reacting with the bale’s carbon. Within six months to a year, the entire thing should be nice compost for fertilizing gardens.

The simple genius of the product is that it collects all the urine in the middle of the bale, allowing it to decomp from the inside out.

And speaking of festivals, it was actually created specifically for them. The idea is simple enough: there always seems to be a lot of hay at festivals but not enough places to take a whiz.

So why not combine the two? Sometimes, the best technology is the simplest.

Faltazi, via The Guardian

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