Toyota car concept lets you transform it with replaceable panels

Android smartphones have gotten us all accustomed to tricking out our handsets with unique visual and functional features. Toyota hopes to bring the same kind of customization-friendly aesthetic to automobiles.

Designed by watch designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the ME.WE concept was unveiled this week at Le Rendez-vous Toyota in Paris. The lightweight polypropylene panels can be removed and replaced with different designs, essentially giving you a new car model whenever you choose.

In addition to serving as a style component, the recyclable panels also act as effective shock absorbers during accidents, according to Toyota. At present there are no plans to bring the vehicle to the commercial market, but so far the public response to the design has been enthusiastic, so there's always hope.

You can get a better look at the ME.WE concept in the video and gallery below.

Via Toyota UK

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