Morephone: the most deformed phone you'll see today

The phones of the future have been rumored to be watches or a bracelets for quite a while. But what's been missing is the crumpled piece of paper form factor.

Meet Morephone, the phone that bends instead of ringing. The idea which inspired this strange little device is a practical one: people often miss calls and alerts when their phone is on silent. To combat this problem, Morephone has been designed to curl up whenever it needs your attention. And since the phone looks a lot like a big post-it note when at rest, seeing it curl up all on its own is astriking visual.

You can even customize Morephone's "morphing" so that you can tell what sort of alert you're recieving just by your phone's shape. Get a bunch of messages, however, and your phone just might look like you forgot it in your pocket while doing your laundry.

Morephone is still very much a prototype, but what with the future of phones looking more and more flexible, it's good to see innovation like this going on. And who's to say what cool shapes the final version of Morephone will be able to assume? We here at DVICE are hoping for an origami bird shape for twitter alerts. We'll keep you posted on that.

Via Youtube

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