Guy builds entire model city out of chewing gum

When you're done chomping on a piece of chewing gum, it's typically relegated to the trash bin or maybe stashed under an unfortunate table or chair. Apparently, though, folks are coming up with new and unusual ways to use gum aside from, you know, chewing it and then chucking it.

French artist Jeremy Laffon is one such example. He recently assembled a whole small-scale cityscape out of unused chewing gum and put it on display for a couple of weeks at the Association Limousin Art Contemporain in Limoges, France.

Laffon used a light to heat various sections of his carefully assembled gum city, giving it a sort of slanted, dystopian vibe. At the same time, the elaborate scaffolding and spiraled masterpiece couldn't be that unpleasant to view — I mean, the smell itself has gotta be pretty inviting. View Laffon's minty creation in the gallery below.

Design Boom, via PopSci

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