French kid uses knowledge for evil, creates soda-thieving robot

Credit: ioduremetallique

Many "coming of age" movies feature kids who like to buck the system. They're usually the type that like to hit a locker to get it open or stick their arm inside a soda machine and pilfer a pop. What they aren't, traditionally speaking, are tech-savvy roboticists. This is a gap that French YouTube user ioduremetallique has bridged with his new soda-swiping robot.

The robot, controlled by a game pad, is designed to fit easily through the door of a vending machine. Once inside, it simply needs to be powered on and directed to the soda can of your choice. A metal arm raises at your command, dislodges the soda in question, and drops your ill-gotten refreshment into the bin, where you can retrieve both bot and beverage with relative ease.

We do have to point out that the investment needed to build such a contraption would pay for quite a few carbonated drinks along the way. But that line of questioning is better left to the pragmatists of the world. Evil geniuses like ioduremetallique know that the world looks a lot prettier when it's burning in their wake. So, we'll take two cans of soda, please: one to salute the brilliant roboticists in our midst, and the other to pour out for our homies, the innocent, maligned vending machines.

Youtube, via Gizmodo

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