Video: Flying drone delivers the perfect geek wedding proposal

If you're a hardcore geek and you've been trying to come up with the perfect way to propose to your girlfriend, we think we've stumbled upon the very best idea you could steal and make your own. It involves a tiny flying drone, an unsuspecting bride-to-be, and a ring that you feel comfortable possibly losing if the wind kicks up.

In the video, the boyfriend has lured his girlfriend to Alamo Square Park in San Francisco for what is supposed to be just a few personal photos. Then he gets a text alerting him that a delivery is on the way. That's when the tiny drone enters the picture. Using a DJI Flame Wheel F550 hexacopter, photographer Chris Geiger flew in the couple's engagement ring, landing it right at the couple's feet. To capture the moment from the top of the hexacopter, Geiger used a GoPro Hero 3 and an 808 keychain camera.

So while we wouldn't suggest using this method if your girlfriend has ever expressed fears about sentient robots, this is probably the coolest way to surprise your would-be bride while simultaneously showing off your geek cred. You can see the full wedding proposal in the video below.

Via Adafruit

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