Video: Driving Google Street View with Leap Motion

Earlier this week we showed you what it's like to fly around the globe using nothing but your hand motions thanks to the technology behind the Leap Motion and Google Earth. Now another, equally stunning hack of the soon-to-be-released device brings the same experience to Google Street View.

Developed by Toronto's Teehan+Lax, the team behind Hyperlapse, a new demonstration shows how easy it can be to travel the many highways of the planet using nothing but a wave of the hand. The motion control is seamless, allowing the user to speed up, reverse, or simply travel smoothly along every road and street Google has catalogued in its vast Street View database.

The most obvious practical use for this application would be as a tourism tool, but the team behind the development has yet to announce any plans to take it commercial, so we'll have to wait to see how it develops once the Leap Motion is made available next month. You can see the gesture-controlled Street View demo in the video below.

Via Techcrunch

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