Sci-fi great Bruce Sterling's first take on Google Glass

Yesterday, we told you about the first reactions of famed science fiction author William Gibson after putting on Google Glass for the first time. Now one of his former writing partners and well-known futurist Bruce Sterling has taken a turn in the wearable computer and his sci-fi musings offer yet another take on the cutting-edge device. 

Visiting Germany for the Next Berlin tech conference, Sterling was on hand to deliver a presentation about what he calls "design fictions." During the conference, another presenter happened to have the Google Glass device on hand and invited Sterling to try the device on, live on stage. While we don't have video of the event, the photos of the moment effectively capture the excitement of Sterling, the man who coined the term cyberpunk, a term that came to describe an entire science fiction genre typified by high technology being used in low-tech, often chaotic social settings.  

After taking some time to reflect on his first encounter with Google Glass, Sterling posted a message to his Tumblr blog, saying, "Google Glass: like a 1980s game console screen appearing in mid-air. It's light, bright, and very toy-like."  

Sterling's reaction is in line with some of the other descriptions we've heard. But his take, like his writing, is instantly more evocative, offering perhaps the most succinct yet accurate description of the device we've heard yet. 

Via Bruce Sterling

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