Renault's new EV has racing at its heart, under the hood

Credit: Renault

A little bit of Formula One has rubbed off on Renault's Twizy concept car. We first covered the Twizy concept line when Renault unveiled the Twizy Z.E. back in 2009. The Z.E. was a little pod of a car with a decidedly sci-fi twist. This time, the concept car's influence comes from the world of Formula One racing, and it's literally blown the doors off the Twizy Z.E.

The reborn concept car is now entitled the Twizy Sport F1, and it's borrowed a little more than just paint and bumpers from its namesake. The Twizy Sport F1 boasts the very same kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that its big F1 brothers do. The KERS has the ability to supercharge the Twizy's power output to six times normal levels. And while that really only results in delivering 100 horsepower, it's enough to get the Twizy Sport F1 from zero to sixty in six seconds — just as fast as the Renaultsport Megane 265.

KERS isn't the last of this little EV's F1-pilfered features. The steering wheel is also right off the track. From the myriad of assorted buttons and controls mounted on the wheel, you can control the KERS system as well as the Twizy's rain light, radio and steering wheel-mounted RS display. Not bad, for a single-seat EV meant for city driving.

Via DesignBoom

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