Ambient lighting kit extends TV's onscreen action onto your walls

Credit: ir-max

Now funding on Kickstarter, Lightpack amounts to a handful of LEDs, a few wires and a little black box. But this is one device that is truly more than the sum of its parts. Once installed along the back edge of your display, Lightpack can create glowing effects that mimic whatever you've got on.

Explosions in the film you're watching will bleed across your wall. Candles lit onscreen will glow across your room as they pass across the screen. And this immersive light show isn't even the extent of what Lightpack can do.

Lightpack can also be programmed to send you colorful alerts from all manner of programs. Email, Twitter and Facebook alerts are just the tip of the iceberg. Online gaming enthusiasts can take advantage of lighting effects that are triggered by the end of cool down cycles. It even handles hardware statuses — glowing an ominous red, for example, if your PC gets a little too hot.

If all that isn't enough for you, you can even write your own functionality into Lightpack, since everything from the device's bill of materials to its software and firmware source codes are open source. Lightpack plans to be on the market soon after its Kickstarter run, with units shipping as early as July. If you snap one up right now, you can get it at the backer rate of $60, about $30 less than it will cost once it reaches the market. To see and hear more about what Lightpack is and does, check out the video below.

Kickstarter, via Engadget

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