Video: Three years of the Sun in three minutes

By now, we're fairly accustomed to seeing footage of the planet Earth, and even our nearby moon, moving through space as we go about our lives mostly oblivious to what's going on over our heads and beyond. A massive library of new footage of the Sun reveals yet another view of the one thing that's ultimately keeping us all alive on this planet.

Beginning in 2010, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the Sun shooting off strings of hot plasma and brilliant flares at the center of our solar system. That recording project lasted for three years, and now the SDO has released all of the footage, condensed into a very watchable and mesmerizing three-minute video clip.

SDO's special Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) also managed to capture two partial eclipses of the sun while filming images of its movements every 12 seconds over the course of the entire recording. You can see what may be our most intimate (or at least comprehensive) look at the Sun ever in the video below. 


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