Sony's badass 3D-shooting binocular now smaller, lighter, faster

Credit: Sony

Realizing that it could kill two birds with one stone, Sony revealed the world's first HD and 3D recording digital binoculars two years ago. Although it's still a niche camera product targeted mostly at animal watchers, sports enthusiasts and travelers (or beach creeps), Sony's finally updated its DEV-5 model with the new DEV-50V.

The DEV-50V digital binocular is an improvement over the DEV-5 in every way. In addition to the 30 percent smaller and lighter body, and the new dust- and splash-proof construction, the old 7.1-megapixel sensor has been replaced with two 20.4-megapixel sensors that can shoot in ultra-low light conditions, including at night.

Other welcome upgrades include a max 25x digital zoom, image stabilization (yes!), and automatic autofocus and auto brightness (although a manual mode is available). More impressive is that the DEV-50V can autofocus on objects half an inch away in 2D mode (there's apparently a 32-inch distance requirement for 3D recording). And while the general public's desire for 3D may be waning, the 3D on the DEV-50V should be magnitudes better thanks to dual image sensors and dual G lenses.

Sony's also nixed the old LCD eyepieces with OLED ones, which are said to provide contrasts that are 23 times better. The DEV-50V's resolution is also higher as well: 2.4 million dot per eyepiece. There's also a built-in GPS receiver this time around for geo-tagging videos; an indispensable feature for globe trotters.

The only kicker? It's still pretty expensive at $1,995. You can pick up a DEV-50V this June, just in time for bikini season safari trips.

Via Sony

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