Sci-fi legend William Gibson is blown away by Google Glass

The intersection of those who imagine the future (sci-fi writers) and those who create it (scientists and programmers) is a place where many ideas have grown from speculative fiction into real world technologies. One of the widely acknowledged masters of science fiction, William Gibson, recently got the chance to try on a pair of Google's futuristic wearable computer known as Glass, and his reaction was insightful.

Author of the famous 1984 novel Neuromancer and known as the person behind the term cyberspace, over the years Gibson has maintained a close relationship with the world of real technology. Visiting New York City to speak at the New York Public Library (NYPL) this past weekend, Gibson was briefly given a pair to sample. After trying them on, Gibson took to Twitter to say, "I also got to try Google Glass, if only for a few seconds. Was faintly annoyed at just how interesting I found the experience."

Later, after chewing on the experience a bit more, Gibson wrote, "Expect Google Glass to be reworked into less obvious, more [traditional] spectacles, sunglasses etc., for covert use. Should be relatively easy." So, one of the people most often tasked with envisioning the future believes that Google Glass will quickly go covert — that sounds about right, considering some of the early opposition to the device.

If you're a fan of Gibson's work, you can listen to the futurist's full one hour and 33-minute interview at the NYPL here.

Via BoingBoing

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