Quadrotor concept 'car' soars at Hyundai's Idea Festival

Credit: Motor Trend

Every year, Hyundai holds an office-wide contest amongst its engineers. The event is dubbed the Idea Festival and has a little bit more at stake than just fun and games. The E4U egg pod, for instance, was first presented at the 2012 IDEA Festival. It later showed up at the Seoul Motor Show, garnering — for better or worse — international attention.

Another of last year's standout designs was this amazing quadrotor car, which actually runs 16 rotors, arranged in groups of four. So maybe it's a quad-quadrotor. A quad-squared rotor? Regardless of what the so-far nameless design ends up being called, the fact remains that it is a remote-controlled, electric flying car. And that's pretty cool no matter how you look at it.

There are no plans as of yet for pushing the quadrotor car into production, which is too bad, really. We could be looking at the world's first flying to be made available through your local hobby shop. Check out the gallery below to see the quadrotor car in action (at around 45 seconds in), along with the rest of last year's IDEA Festival entrants.

Via Discovery News

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