You can now fly around Google Earth, Superman-style

Consider for a moment that just a few decades ago, the only way you could manipulate a 3D map of the planet Earth was by using a spinning globe made of paper and plastic. Then we had those early world atlas CD-ROMs that seemed so amazing as the Web was just gearing up. Now, thanks to Google Earth and the technology of Leap Motion, we can virtually fly around the globe using our hands to guide the way.

Leap Motion, the device that allows you to control your computer using gestures, has uploaded a new video that shows off the ability to control Google Earth using the device. From spinning the planet Earth in space, to flying down to ground level and swooping over massive bridges, the combination is a stunning demonstration of the new kinds of computing experiences Leap Motion is about to open up for us all.

As we've reported before, the ability to do this on your own is coming soon, as the Leap Motion will be available in stores next month for $80. In the meantime, you can see the Leap Motion controlling Google Earth demo in the video below.

Via Leap Motion

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