Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

ASAPscience co-creators Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown shared a video on their YouTube channel that delves into the whole chicken vs. egg debate. So really guys, which one came first: the chicken or the egg?

If you want to take the question literally, there's not much of a debate — egg laying animals (like dinosaurs) existed long before chickens. So eggs definitely came first, but Moffit and Brown qualify the question by asking, "if a chicken is born from an egg, where did the egg come from?"

Research shows that the OV-17 protein that produces chicken eggs can only be found in, you guessed it, chicken ovaries. But this all depends on how you define a chicken egg. In other words, is a chicken egg an egg laid by a chicken, or one that contains a chicken? It's also important to consider the egg itself, as small DNA mutations occurring over time can create new species from the initial cell. An earlier animal like a chicken that Moffit and Brown call a "proto-chicken" could have produced a modern chicken, but folks disagree on whether this would be considered a chicken inside a proto-chicken egg or a chicken inside a chicken egg.

Ultimately, ASAPscience concludes that the egg came first, whether it's considered a proto-chicken egg or a chicken egg, but it's the discussion that's the interesting part, more than just the result. Watch the video and weigh in below.

Via ASAPscience on YouTube

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