Slick ray gun-like scanner creates real-time 3D models in seconds

Credit: Colin Druce-McFadden/DVICE

3D printing may be gaining traction with all sorts of industries, but the process of creating printable files for the ever-growing number of 3D printers out there is still in its clunky, gestational phase. But now there's a super-awesome ray gun of a scanner on the market that solves all your 3D scanning problems in a snap, if you've got the cash to afford one.

With the GO!Scan 3D scanner slung across your hip you'll look like something right out of Cowboys vs. Aliens, but with a whole lot more real-life tech on hand. When you pull the GO!Scan 3D's trigger, you unleash a series of rapid-fire bursts of light, each of which signifies a data-collecting multi-angle image. Simply wave the scanner across the surfaces of whatever it is that you wish to scan, release the trigger and you'll have constructed a real-time, finely-detailed CAD file, complete with contours as small as the veins in your hand.

All this fun and ease of use does come with a bit of a price tag, however. The GO!Scan 3D — the cheapest member of its product line — will set you back a cool 25 thousand dollars. So unless you've got a lot of professional grade scanning to do, this might not be the peripheral your cool new MakerBot Replicator 2 is looking for.

Regardless of its hefty price tag, the ability to wave a magic wand over something and have memorized its every contour is pretty cool. Check out the video below to see the Go!Scan 3D in action.

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