Innovative bike generator converts your sweat into electricity

Credit: Siva

I'm sure you feel all Earth-friendly when you're riding your bike around town instead of relying on the evils of oil, but guess what, you're still responsible for killing the environment, because that phone you're relying on to call an ambulance the next time you get hit by a car doesn't run on fairy dust. No, if you really want to save the planet, you have to cut the cord completely, and that means generating your own gadget power from scratch. Siva Cycle's new Atom power generator can actually pull this off, without sacrificing convenience or affordability.

The thing that caught our eye about the Atom is that it'll charge your stuff while you're riding, but it'll also charge a 1300mAh battery pack that snaps on and off. This means you can charge the battery while you ride, and then take it with you to charge whatever USB junk you're using during the day. In the box, you'll find the generator itself (which securely mounts to just about any bike in approximately two minutes), the detachable battery pack, a USB port that you can stick up underneath your seat, and a ribbon cable to connect the two, which was a thoughtful addition that makes it easy to charge your stuff while actually on your bike.

Here's a video showing how it all works:

We asked Siva's CEO and co-founder David Delcourt the most important question you can ask about any new product: what makes Siva's generator better than every other generator in existence, and therefore worthy of our attention and being called innovative? Here's the answer we got:

First, the Atom is reasonably priced ($95 on Kickstarter pre-order); compare this with hub generators that top out around $400 before you’ve had a wheel built around it or purchased required external power regulation to plug in your phone. This leads to our second huge differentiation. Right out of the box, the Atom is ready to go; no external electronics or power adaptors needed, USB platform for all your devices, everything is in the box and installs in under two minutes. Thirdly, the removable battery pack is akin to a Mophie, giving you mobile power, but charged with your own renewable calories by simply riding: 1,300mAh of clean electricity at your fingertips via USB 2.0. Oh, and let’s not forget, the battery slides on and off in a second, and the Atom is locked in with your back wheel for theft resistance.

The Kickstarter went live this morning, and that aforementioned $95 (or $85 if you're quick about it) will get you one of the first production run, delivery expected in late 2013. Also, for every 10 Atom generators sold, Siva will donate one of 'em to someone in the developing world who might not have any other reliable source of electricity at all. We approve.

Have a look at the Atom from every conceivable angle in the gallery below, and if you like what you see, pick one up on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter, via Siva

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