Volkswagen finally gives Apple fans their 'iCar'

Credit: Volkswagen

Many Apple fans have dreamed of one day getting the chance to drive a car crafted by people behind the iPhone and the iPad. In fact, according to the New York Times, just before he died, Steve Jobs said he wanted to build an Apple car. Now Volkswagen has teamed up with the computer maker to deliver the next best thing until Apple decides to actually make its own.

The vehicle is called the iBeetle, and while it doesn't look like a sleek iPhone-on-wheels, it does include a decidedly Apple-centric dashboard. Unveiled at this month's Shanghai Auto Show, the iBeetle features an embedded iPhone docking station in its dashboard allowing the driver to use the handset as a navigation device, a music player, and, of course, a phone. The iBeetle also offers a special app designed to allow drivers to analyze the fuel economy of different routes, monitor oil and engine temperatures, display social media messages in real-time, and stream music via Spotify.

So while the most Apple-esque thing about the iBeetle is its name, for diehard Apple fans this is the closest thing you can get to driving an official Apple-made car, for now. The iBeetle is scheduled to go on sale in early 2014. You can see more of the iBeetle in the gallery below.

Via Volkswagen

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