TSA calls for public comment about its full-body scanners

The TSA Advanced Imaging Technology, otherwise known as the full-body X-ray scanner, has caused a wee bit of controversy during the past few years. From inspiring fig-leaf undies to hackers creating their own scanners to the TSA removing the images of your special bits from the x-ray, it’s not difficult to say these things had people in a tizzy.

Of course, you could always avoid having photos taken of your body by having your body groped and fondled by a complete stranger.

Recently, the TSA stopped using such devices, and now it has made a call for public comment about whether this project should be cancelled or if we should just move full-speed ahead and reinstate them at your local airport.

The comments, which can be offered here, are open until June 24. At the time of this writing, 690 comments were already posted. A small sampling of them seem to be mostly negative, such as “The government responds to travel threats in a discouragingly reactive manner.” And “I refuse to use these scanners.”

How seriously these comments will be taken remains to be seen, of course, but this is the stuff of public discourse. So jump on in!

Slashdot, Via Regulations.gov

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