Siri remembers everything you say for two years

Man, isn’t it a blast to ask Siri what to do with a dead body? She’s quips with the best of them when you ask her that (as she searches for a nearby dump or reservoir or quarry), but it turns out she also remembers it.

Siri, the Apple personal assistant with whom you can converse, retains every question you ask “her” for two years! This is fantastic news, because I must have asked her 100 times where to hide a body during the past two years. Good to know that’s all in a database somewhere.

We’re not sure exactly why, though. For the first six months, Siri keeps your info and associates it with, well, you. In other words, Siri could presumably use the data to offer better search results, etc.

After that, Apple disassociates the information from its user but still keeps it on file for another year and a half.

If you’d like to delete the past six months of information that’s associated with you, it’s a pretty simple task: just turn Siri off.

If you don’t want to do that, just keep in mind that she’s got the memory of an elephant. Or, you know, a computer.

Via Los Angeles Times

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