Amazon lets you decide what pilot to greenlight

Following the success of Netflix launching original programming, Amazon has decided to do the same. But it’s taking things a step father: you get to decide which show is made.

Yep, Amazon has posted 14 television show pilots to its Amazon Instant Video. Anyone can watch them via whatever device you use to reach Amazon (e.g. Roku, Xbox, whatever).

Then, as you might have guessed, the company will record reactions to the shows and decide which one to make into a full series.

It makes sense companies would start to do this. After all, it’s cheaper to toss a few pilots than to cancel a new show mid-season.

The pilots themselves are all over the place, from the John Goodman-starring comedy about the Senate Alpha House to the television show of the movie of the graphic novel Zombieland.

But I'll stop wasting your time. After all, you've got a lot of television to watch.

Via Huffington Post

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