Watch Sergey Brin's mom-in-law ride, screaming, into the future

For most of us, driverless cars are still something we can only imagine experiencing. But if you're related to one of the founders of Google, you get to ride shotgun into the future. In a recently discovered video from 2011, Sergey Brin's mother-in-law, Esther Wojcicki, is shown getting a test drive in one of Google's driverless cars and the experience appears to be unsettling, so say the least.

The drive starts off normally, with the driver verbally preparing his passengers for when the car's automated system takes over. And that's when the fun starts. Accompanied by an unidentified female companion, Wojcicki (mother of Anne Wojcicki, founder of 23andMe) appears genuinely surprised by the speed and accuracy of the vehicle's automated controls as the car swerves its way through an obstacle course. As the demonstration ramps up the difficulty and speed, both women begin screaming, rollercoaster ride-style, and you can even hear a couple of "holy s--t!" exclamations tossed in at several points.

Once the ride is over, Wojcicki, clearly impressed by her first ride in a robotic car, begins recounting her experiences with Brin and his Teslas. Based on Wojcicki's comments in the video, Brin — an investor in Tesla who reportedly owns two of the company's Roadster models — apparently pushes his electric vehicles to the edge in terms of performance.

If you've never experienced Google's driverless car for yourself, Wojcicki's ride is probably a good way to sample what it feels like the first time. You can check out Wojcicki's ride in the video below.

YouTube, via Wired

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