Truck concept collects waste, cleans streets, plows snow

Credit: Michael Markiewicz

Garbage trucks are about due for an update, wouldn't you say? They're clunky, noisy and inefficient, compared to this three-in-one wonder creation from designer Michael Markiewicz. His "Multifunctional City Sweeper" is as much a practical concept as it is, well, kinda cute. And you get so much for your money: it's a street sweeper, a garbage truck and a snow plow all tucked into a single package.

Markiewicz's sweeper would save a ton of space in the city, which might be reason enough to champion this design. The current versions of these municipal vehicles are certainly more obtrusive than this wee sweeper — it looks as though it could sneak through even the most narrow alleyway unimpeded.

One issue that might arise, though, is scheduling — making sure that garbage collections, street cleanings and, when needed, snow plowings aren't ever needed at the same time. Otherwise, what's the point of a truck that can do it all?

Via Yanko Design

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