Night vision: never leave home without it again

Credit: Japan Trust Technology

Japan Trust Technology (JTT) is well practiced in the manufacture of tiny little cameras. The results of these efforts are usually quite adorable, too. But what their newest key chain camera offers is nothing short of marvelous: night vision stills and 1080p HD video, along with a 32 GB storage capacity, all in a cute 41 gram housing. Not to mention the capability to take 11 megapixel stills. On top of all that awesome, this little camera will only set you back around 53 dollars.

As you might well assume, the CHOBi Cam Pro 3 does have a few limitations, namely that the night vision images and video only have a three foot range. Not exactly state of the art. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the CHOBi Cam Pro 3 is a teensy tiny night vision wonder. Even with the battery-sucking infrared LEDs enabled, you'll be able to shoot 36 minutes of night vision video, broken up into 5 minute segments. For a full list of specs and to pick up your own CHOBi Cam Pro 3, head on over to JTT's product page. And for a few examples of what this tiny camera can do, check out the gallery below.

JTT, via Gizmodo

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