Microbus uses 'urbanSWARM' technology for efficient commuting

The Rinspeed microMAX concept is one seriously cute ride that relies on something called “urbanSWARM” technology to create a unique and cozy commuting experience for passengers. Basically, riders and drivers in any microMAX around town can use crowdsourced data to find the most efficient routes, locate convenient stops, and more.

Here's a bit of info on the design and features of the microMAX from Car and Driver:

The exterior design is pure Fisher-Price 2020, but underneath its bright turquois finish and whimsical graphics resides a fully modern construction of advanced, lightweight, fiber-reinforced thermo-plastic composites. The windows are made of Plexiglas with a non-scratch coating. Both help keep the weight low. The all-electric vehicle is powered by a repurposed forklift drive system sourced from Linde Material Handling. It’s quiet-running, and uses a fully synthetic, speed-dependent, acoustic warning system to alert pedestrians of its approach.

Definitely an interesting concept. It only carries a few folks in its pint-sized squarish body, but they can probably get to their destinations much more quickly with such a maneuverable vehicle along with the use of urbanSWARM. And with a bunch of these all-electric turquois numbers buzzing around town, commuting could be completely revolutionized.

Via Car and Driver

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