Junk artist swaps C-3PO's gold skin for something more exposed

Credit: Gabriel Dishaw

Being geeky techies, we're quite fond of junk artist and "up-cycler" Gabriel Dishaw's sculptures made from old computer microchips. We especially like the Darth Vader bust built from old typewriter parts. Dishaw's returned with yet another intricate Star Wars sculpture.

Dishaw's custom C-3PO "Woody" is another one-of-kind masterpiece. It's made from old adding machines, calculators, check printers, typewriters and computer parts. Needless to say, it looks fantastic in the most cyberpunk of ways.

But can you buy it, you ask? An artist needs to make a living, y'know. Dishaw is selling his C-3PO sculpture for a penny shy of $800. If you don't have that kind of money to blow on a tribute to one of the most beloved droids protocol droids in all the galaxy, you can admire Dishaw's creation in the gallery below.

Via Gabriel Dishaw

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