Pod-like museum with glowing outer shell proposed for Mexico City

Credit: FR-EE

FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise is the brain behind MADU, a small Museum of Art, Design and Urbanism proposal for Mexico City, Mexico. Both inside and out, MADU is all about modern design elements.

The building is supposed to be evocative of the type of pieces located inside, tributes to art, design and urbanism. And FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise made sure that each room was designed to be on the small side, so that an intimate vibe exists for visitors. The outer shell of the museum adjusts to changes in light and temperature and is made of recycled materials.

We think this would be a pretty sweet addition to any city. Click through the images in the gallery for a glimpse of what this futuristic, pod-like museum would actually look like if it were plopped down right into the middle of an urban park in Mexico City.

Via DesignBoom

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