International students create next-gen electric rickshaw

Although rickshaws are sometimes seen as relics from centuries past, if you've ever visited the temples of Asakusa in Tokyo or the trails of Central Park in New York City, you know that these kinds of vehicles are still very much in use. But now a consortium of designers have joined forces to create what may very well be the next-generation of the common rickshaw.

Designed by students from Germany's Technische Universität München and Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, the VOI multi-purpose two-wheel scooter is a prototype vehicle that could create an entire new industry in some of the world's larger cities. The design of the vehicle allows one driver to transport one passenger in a stylish, aerodynamically designed electric scooter that would immediately fit right in, even on the most cosmopolitan streets around the world.

An alternative use, proffered by the designers, repurposes the VOI as a kind of mini-food truck. With a range of about 50 miles, and a battery that allows the vehicle to travel at roughly 30 miles per hour, the VOI is the kind of concept vehicle that is just simple and useful enough that it almost demands to be put into use as soon as possible, particularly in our more smog-choked cities.

You can see the vehicle's development and test drive in the video below.

Via Asian Scientist

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