Help Hasbro design the next Transformers toy

Credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE

Normally, we'd pass on highlighting any sort of promotion, but this is too cool to not tell you guys. For the first time in Transformers history, Hasbro is letting YOU (the fans) help design the next character.

The crowdsourced design will be part of next year's 30th anniversary celebrating all things Transformers. What will the next Transformer look like? Will it be an Autobot or a Decepticon? What kind of vehicle? What type of weapon will it tote? What color will it be? And what kind of personality will it sport? That's for you to decide.

Once all the votes ares in, Hasbro's designers will get to work piecing the winning options together. Then, Hasbro will take to the crowd (again) to get the new Transformer named. Finally, the final design will be made into an actual toy as part of the company's "Thrilling 30" Transformers celebration, so you that you can actually buy it.

We hope this isn't a one-off stint because this could be the beginning of something beautiful, for the fans. The voting begins here, now get to it!

Via Hasbro

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