Futuristic house concept boasts zero energy design

Todd Theodore Fix of FIXd Architecture/Design is a designer based in Boston and Bangkok who was instrumental in creating the Mo Ventus self-sustaining house. Starting outside, the facade itself is designed to maximize energy efficiency. The curved portions provide just the right conditions to channel wind for energy and modular screens work to control heating and lighting conditions. In fact, the screens allow the walls themselves to transition from opaque to transparent depending on the weather.

The Mo Ventus has all the trappings of a modern luxury home with many unique features added. Take that curved exterior wall, for example — that shape increases wind speed and can help produce five times more energy.

Not only that, but this net zero house is good looking. Construction costs on this highly customizable design will set you back, though. FIXd says that a Mo Ventus could total anywhere between $3.5 million to $10 million for a 5,000 to 12,000 square-foot layout. Well, that's a shame. We'll just have to content ourselves with something a bit more like this.

Gizmag, via Inhabitat

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