Check out this live-streaming space walk, courtesy of NASA

Credit: International Space Station

Two men, right now, are clamboring around the ISS. Their names are Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko and they're out there to install a new instrument and enact a few repairs. The new instrument is meant to study plasma waves and detect the effects of space weather upon Earth's atmosphere, something that much of the Northern Hemisphere got to see first hand last month.

The spacewalk began at 10AM, EST and will be going on for another four hours. That's a six hour spacewalk. Crazy. Especially considering that Vinogradov is 59-years-old and, as of this spacewalk, the oldest person to ever take on such a task. It is the seventh of his career. Roman Romanenko, incidentally, is a second-generation cosmonaut. He is following in the footsteps of his father, Yuri Romanenko, a man who completed four spacewalks in his day.

Watch the video stream below to see it all live. This is the first of six Russian-planned spacewalks this year, and the U.S .has two more planned for July. So if you happen to miss this chance, stay tuned. There's more spacewalking on the way.

NASA, via VentureBeat

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