Twitter launches the ultimate music discovery network

While Facebook is reportedly losing popularity among younger users, Twitter is increasingly a central part of all our lives, from breaking news during disasters, to simply keeping up with the activities of friends. Now Twitter has decided to introduce a new feature called Twitter #music, a tool designed to make discovering music online easier.

Available in app form (iOS 6 required) or via the Web, the service allows users to follow music artists and listen to their favorite songs, as well as find out the most popular songs and artists trending on Twitter. By clicking on tracks shown in the Twitter #music categories of popular, emerging, now playing, suggested, or me (tracks you've selected), you can listen to previews of thousands of artists. To hear the full-length versions, you can log into the service's partners, Spotify and Rdio. And to buy tracks, you simply click on the embedded iTunes store link.

Overall, the service is exceedingly well designed, and after you take in all of its features, it becomes clear that this is the ultimate music-focused social network smackdown for any would-be competitors. Specifically, this will likely render the recent Justin Timberlake-fronted relaunch attempt by MySpace, well, just about irrelevant.

The real question here is whether or not Twitter's step into the music arena represents just the first phase of the rollout of several other tweet-sharing verticals such as fashion, food, gaming, or movies, for example. If so, this first attempt is very promising.

Via Twitter

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