Transform your bathroom sink into a 3D city map

Credit: Kononenko Industrial Design

Julia Kononenko is a designer based in Ukraine with a unique concept for the bathroom. It's a topographic map of sorts, accurately depicting city streets — but it's also a fully functioning sink. And, Kononenko can customize the wood pattern to look like any city map you want from Tokyo to NYC. So, where your standard sink would usually go, there's a mazelike 3D map in its place.

This would create a really cool visual, since the water would wend its way through various "streets" before spilling onto the floor? We can't exactly tell what happens, because there doesn't appear to be a basin of any kind to catch the water. But there must be more to this design that we're not seeing.

Presumably, water flows to a drain in the back rather than all the way to the edge of the map, although it would probably look way better if there was a good way to keep water from splashing onto the tile.

Overall, we're more interested in this 3D basin for its design rather than the practicality of using it day-to-day. How would we use this sink to brush our teeth? Wouldn't that require extra effort when we inevitably miss one of the narrow streets and get toothpaste all over the place? Anyone?

Kononenko Industrial Design, via Yanko Design

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