Sony HD camera mount is almost like Google Glass for dogs

With all the hype surrounding Google Glass, some of us have forgotten about the possibilities such a device might have for our furry friends. Imagine doggie-point-of-view videos giving us a better perspective on what it's like to live two feet from the ground, constantly on the move and peering up into the world of humans. Well now it appears that, as usual, Japan has a solution.

The AKA-DM1 is a harness that allows you to easily strap a camera onto the back of your dog. Although it supports any number of cameras, Sony envisions this as an accessory for its line of 1080p HD action cameras. Aside from the more fun possibilities of the AKA-DM1, this device might also be the perfect solution for visually impaired people who use guide dogs. Strapping a AKA-DM1 to the back of a guide dog could ultimately help sighted persons determine the effectiveness of a particular guide dog, or even obtain clues in the case of a mugging or assault.

So while it doesn't allow your dog to ask for directions, solve complex math problems on-the-fly, or translate cat and bird language into dog-speak, for now, this is the closest thing to doggie Google Glass that we have. The AKA-DM1 will be available on April 26 for just $50 here.

Via GearBurn

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