LG's eyeball-hugging curved 3D OLED TV will ship later this year

At CES in January, Samsung and LG both revealed curved OLED TVs. And while Samsung's OLED TV didn't feature 3D, LG's curved screen did. (Not that we care, since 3D is a dud, anyway.) We didn't expect either company to start shipping these beauties anytime soon, but it looks like LG's had a change of heart. The company's planning to start selling the 55-inch curved OLED TV later this year.

Speaking to Trusted Reviews, LG's Team Manager of the Home Electronics Product Communications, Hung W.K. Shin, said "We are preparing various types of curved TV."

LG's Vice President of Home Entertainment, Thomas Lee, elaborated with: "curved TVs are coming in the second half the year." Lee believes curved TVs will become "another major trend."

No kidding. From what I saw, curved TVs definitely are attractive due to their wider viewing angles and subtle immersion that sucks you in. Here's how I described my eyes-on with Samsung's curved OLED TV at CES 2013:

"So clear is Samsung's curved set and so deep are the blacks, I almost thought the moving objects on the screen were popping out in 3D, but the TV wasn't operating in 3D. Samsung's reps say the panel's curve allows for IMAX-like fields of view and it had an effect. Staring directly at the TV from a from a five-foot distance head-on feels like your eyeballs are being sucked right into the screen."

As you can probably tell, I think curved TVs are awesome — super awesome.I did check out LG's curved TV, too, but alas, it had a 3D video running on it, and so I couldn't really compare the two. Mind you, LG's 55-inch curved OLED TV isn't a 4K TV. It's just a regular ol' 1080p HD resolution TV, but it does feature a "Paper Slim" design. We can't wait to hear how much this bad boy is gonna cost, even if we know we'll never be able to afford it.

Via Trusted Reviews

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