Video of the Day: Happy 40th Birthday, Star Wars

Forty years ago today, George Lucas began writing Star Wars. In the video below, he explains that he had just finished filming American Graffiti and was completely broke when he started working on a short treatment for his space opera. He had no idea at the time that it would turn into such an epic, beloved series.

Here's an excerpt from a 1983 Rolling Stone interview with Lucas:

"It's the demands, the amount of time one has to spend, and the anxiety, the worrying: 'Is it going to be good? Is this going to work? Why is everything going wrong all the time?' And it's my personality. I'm very emotionally involved in it, and I've made a big commitment to it. It's been ten years, ten years, since I started this. I started on April 17th, 1973, and I turned in the first story treatment May 20th. From about May 1st, 1973, until next week, there hasn't been a day in my life where I haven't gotten up in the morning and said, 'Gee, I've got to worry about this movie.'"

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YouTube, via Daily Press

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