Video: Agent Smith of The Matrix is now saving humanity with GE

The Matrix still stands as one of Hollywood's best attempts to anthropomorphize computer software into an evil villain since Tron's Sark. But now, many years after the film's release, General Electric (GE) has decided to repurpose the arch-nemesis of Neo to promote technology that works for the good of the human race.

Through a new commercial titled "Brilliant Machines," GE uses The Matrix character Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving, to take viewers on a tour of a hospital using some of the company's cutting-edge medical devices. Opening with a glitchy flash of that now iconic green Matrix code rain, the clip presents the familiar suit and shades-wearing Agent Smith, who uses his trademark stilted voice and menacing glare from the films to talk about the benefits of GE technology.

As with the recent Star Wars commercials, one's first reaction might be to lament the fact that yet another science fiction icon has been co-opted to sell a product. But in this case, the product is technology, and the actual production aesthetics are true to the original source material, so it all goes down much easier.

You can watch the full commercial, which includes a humorous red pill/blue pill reference at the end, in the video below.

Via GE

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