Rumor: Microsoft tapping Xbox team to build smartwatch

Credit: Mithun Darji

As hard as it may be to admit, Microsoft's lost the smartphone and tablet battle to Android and iOS. That's okay, because technology keeps improving and it's important to anticipate what's going to be the next big revolution. Lately, it's been rumored that many big-name electronics companies are working on smartwatches to combat Apple's rumored "iWatch." Yeah, rumored devices to combat another rumored device. Go figure.

If there's any department at Microsoft that knows a thing about designing bangin' hardware, it's the Xbox team. You know, the guys that put the Xbox 360 and Kinect in millions of homes. According to The Verge, "a reliable source familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans" says the Xbox team has been developing a smartwatch for "just over a year."

Current prototype watches reportedly have a 1.5-inch touchscreen display, removable bands and a magnetic power connector (similar to the one on the Surface tablet), which can transmit power and data.

As The Verge astutely notes, Microsoft's dabbled with smartwatches before. In 2004 Microsoft launched SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) that used FM radio to deliver information from MSN Direct. Unfortunately, Microsoft closed its services in 2008. Could Microsoft be priming for a smartwatch comeback? Maybe. But until we see proof, it's all smoke and mirrors.

Via The Verge

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