Magnetic putty swallows everything in its path

Magnetic putty isn't exactly a new thing, it's just putty with a bunch of magnetic particles thrown into the mix. As tame as that sounds, there's something very unsettling about the way it swallows magnets. To show this process in all of its glory, FX artist Joey Shanks sped up a video of putty doing its thing and it's just plain disturbing for some reason.

When the putty is near a strong magnetic field, it gravitates toward it and very slowly begins to envelop the magnet until it's totally hidden from sight. So, Shanks just made the video faster and now the putty seems much more menacing. It's like a new form of quick sand that's mobile and can hunt down and completely engulf anything in close proximity. Well, only stuff that has a strong magnetic field.

Don't miss the video and gallery below to see more creepy putty action.

Vimeo, via io9

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