Gallery: Pop-up recycled cardboard coffee shop

A group of engineers, architects and students from Newcastle University in the UK worked together to create a mobile coffee shop dubbed the Trash Café. Newcastle University is known for its recycling campaign, so it's no surprise that they encouraged students to participate in a project like this. The focus is on sustainability and environmental awareness, showing that it is possible to build something functional with recycled products.

It's also a breeze to relocate, since all of Trash Café can be folded flat and moved elsewhere in lightweight sections. Most of the modular structure comes from cardboard boxes obtained from grocery stores in and around Newcastle.

The walls are made individually and then fitted together like a lattice, which makes it a lot easier to dismantle. And ground glass is added to plastic bottles and positioned on the lowest rows of the wall to make them a bit more sturdy. The stools are made simply from boxes formed into a grid pattern to support the weight of an average person. Although this is a neat project, it would be hard to beat the comfort of a traditional coffee shop with cushioned seats.

Via Inhabitat

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