First Google Glass unboxing images and videos begin to surface

Credit: Google

Unboxing new gadgets has become something of a sacred ritual for the technology obsessed. Users continue to post thousands of photos and videos online of the first looks at pristine geek Christmas moments delivered by that special packaging that comes with new gear. Now that moment has arrived for Google Glass, possibly the most anticipated new gadget of the year.

As promised by Google earlier this month, the first batch of Glass Explorer devices are finally making it into the excited hands of those who ponied up the $1,500 to be one of the first members of the public to use the wearable computer. Posted by Brandon Allgood to his Google+ blog, the images reveal that the Google Glass box comes with two visors (clear and shaded), a carrying bag, a power cord, and the Glass device itself. Another recipient named Dan McLaughlin got his hands on the device and uploaded a video view (see below) of the unboxed device to YouTube.

Throughout the week, as more users get their hands on the device, we can expect to see more elaborate unboxings to surface, but for now, these images are the closest most of us will get to Google Glass until the device goes mainstream.

Via Google+ and YouTube

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