YouTube VHS filter takes you back in time to the '80s

If you're under 30, you may not realize it, but you're spoiled when it comes to video. While most of the video we view today is clear or high-definition, there was a time, just a few decades ago, when even blurry video was a treat. Now, YouTube has unveiled a new filter that offers a very realistic simulation of how video used to look back in the days when MTV was still devoted to music videos.

VHS mode for the YouTube player turns select videos into snowy, glitchy, low-resolution videos that perfectly mimic the look of VHS video from the '80s and early '90s. When you find a video featuring the filter, you simply click the video tape icon and watch as the video takes you back in time.

YouTube's post announcing the filter claims it was launched to commemorate the 57th birthday of the first commercial video cassette recorder. An interesting feature of the filter is that it works even if you pause the video, offering exactly the kind of distorted video image you'd see if you paused a video on a real VHS player. You can see how the VHS filter works by checking out this video.

Via Google

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