LED-equipped wakeboards light up waves from sunrise to sunset

Credit: Patrick Rochon

For the Red Bull Illume international action and adventure sports photo contest, photographer and light painter, Patrick Rochon, came up with a particularly impressive photo shoot. Not only did he capture expert wakeboarders in action, but he partnered with Evan Jones to create custom LED wakeboards specifically for the competition.

Then, he got footage of wakeboard riders Adam Errington, Dallas Friday, and Mike Dowdy using these modified boards at Orlando's OWC Cable Park three nights in a row — that's from sunset to sunrise. Rochon comments on the project: "The boundaries dividing sport and art are blurred in this collaboration in an effort to capture the inherent emotion and creativity of athleticism."

And that's exactly what he achieved with this work. The images perfectly express the movements of each wakeboarder and the fluidity of the sport when professionals are involved. In other words, my "light painting" would look a lot different than the ones here. Check out the video and gallery below, and if you're in the Orlando area in May, see Rochon's work at the Snap! exhibit from May 2 - 5.

YouTube and Patrick Rockon, via My Modern Met

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