Japan launches world's fastest home Internet with 2 Gbps down

Credit: Doronko

Google Fiber has made headlines with its 1 Gbps speeds, but a new service in Japan promises 2 Gbps down and 1 Gbps up, the fastest available for home use.

Nuro, an Internet service provider backed by Sony, launched its fiber service Monday for homes and small businesses in Tokyo and six nearby prefectures. But even before Nuro's introduction, Japan was already home to the world's speediest connections. A quarter of households are connected to fiber, and 1 Gbps offerings rivaling Google Fiber are considered relatively common in urban areas. Overall, the country averages 42.2 Mbps peak speeds, according to a January report by Akamai.

So how much does the world's fastest Internet cost? About what you pay for constant buffering. Nuro charges ¥4,980 (US$51) a month on a two-year contract, but there's a steep ¥52,500 (US$535) installation fee that is currently waived for those who apply online.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans are toggling the power on their modems and routers for the umpteenth time, hoping desperately that they'll be able to stream that must-see clip their cat-lady friend sent them.

Via PCWorld

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