Video: How astronauts sleep in space

Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield has spent the last few months showing us what it's like to live in space from his perch aboard the International Space Station. From showing us how astronauts clip their nails in zero gravity to how tears flow whilst traveling in the great void, Hadfield's reports have offered interesting insights into a life most of us will never experience.

In his latest video, Hadfield shows us how astronauts handle something that presents a particularly unique challenge: sleeping in space. Essentially, an astronaut's sleep pod consists of a simple sleeping bag attached to the wall of a tiny, phonebooth-like chamber. The sleeping bags also have two armholes that allow the astronauts to operate a small laptop computer that remains fixed inside of the sleep pod.

Hadfield doesn't get into how a person can get that perfect fetal position, pillow snuggle comfort while weightless, but we do get a brief glimpse of what he looks like while sleeping toward the end of the video. You can check out Hadfield breaking down how astronauts sleep in space in the video below.

Via YouTube

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